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About us


China National Standard Channel is the largest standard consulting website in China, providing Chinese national standards, industry standards, local standards, international standards, foreign standards and full range of consulting services. The main businesses of this website involve standard information query, news report about standards and researches on standardization.

Up till now, there are about 400,000 standards data for query and 100,000 pieces of standards news in the website database. No matter it is the website traffic or the amount of information, China National Standard Channel is second to none in the industry ,among which China network traffic accounted for 80% of site visits, the U.S. and Europe accounted for 20%. At the same time, our sites’ keyword rank in the three major Chinese search engines Google, Yahoo, Baidu ranked among the best.

China National Standard Channel is committed to using immense amounts of standard information, the most comprehensive standard literature, and the most incisive ideas, to not only make you informed of the trade information, hot topics, authoritative experts' views etc., but also provide standard services for different industries both at home and abroad.

If you have any questions and suggestion about us, please contact us at: service@chinagb.org


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