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Frequently asked questions:


1、How to search for standards?

Our website has the most complete of global and national standards. Currently, National standards channel standard database has collected nearly one million data. As second to none in the same industry, it contains Chinese national standards, industry standards, national military standards and international and oversea standards lile ISO, IEC, DIN, ASTM, EN, BS, JIS. It also covers 18 bibliographic records including class number, standard code, Chinese title and English title.

We will cooperate with the international and domestic standardizing organizations, providing you with the latest standard information in the first place.

You can input search options into the search box, standard names and part of the standard names are both ok, such as, car. If you need to input multiple search conditions, please separate the query conditions by a space, such as car test. Then press the back key, you can search the information in the results page.

Moreover, you can depend on the CIS and refer to industrial standard catalogue to search the standard.

If you have any advices or standard demand, please send email to service@chinagb.org

2、What is the standard service classification? What service can I enjoy?

To serve you better and meet your different service requirements, we will introduce standard service classification system. Nonmember visitors can log on registration page and finish base registration, then search for the standard. The members have the right to see the first page of search results and first level industry standard Catalogue.

If you want to see more standard bibliographic record, please join in the vip groups. Just $1-a-day, you can see all of the standard bibliographic record, including standard names, standard code, release date, Implementation date, approval date and bibliographic content.

If you have got the exact standard, but still need translated versions of original text, you can send email to service@chinagb.org. We will provide you with satisfied service according to your needs.


3、Website declare:

Ⅰ.All the Chinese or English catalog information on our website is from the body of the standard. If you have any questions, please refer to the main body text.

Ⅱ.The translated English information is for your reference only and without the responsibility of the interpreting information. If you have any questions, please refer to the main body text.

4、Why does the page on your computer appear distorting and incomplete results?

Our Web Design is based on the Windows Internet Explorer. Facing the similar scenario, you just need to replace your browsers with Windows Internet Explorer, IE6, IE7 or IE8. As our website is still in the development, Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



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