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Underage girl forces classmates into prostitution


A 13-year-old-girl in China pushed her three underage friends into prostitution after suspecting them of disclosing her secret that she was working as a prostitute at a massage parlour.

Honghong (alias) became a prostitute after she left school due to poor performance in school two years ago. Though having a boyfriend then, she still engaged in prostitution activities to support their living.

However, her boyfriend broke up with her after learning about her job. Honghong was convinced that her classmates had disclosed her secret and vowed to take revenge. A idea came to her that if her three mates did the same job as her, they would not disclose her secret any more.

She then and a fellow 17-year-old prostitute threatened to beat the three classmates, aged between 13 to 14, to death if they didn’t join prostitution. Fourteen-year-old Xiaoshan (name changed) was coerced into having sex with two men at the massage parlour. The other two 13-year-old girls looked so young that the parlour owner refused to keep them.

Al l three did not dare to tell their parents the indicent. After repeatedly questioning, Xiaohua told her father the whole process, and her father then told the police.

Honghong was immune from the legal punishment while her helper, Dandan, has been charged with forcing others into prostitution, according to Zhongyuan District People’s Procuratorate, a law supervision organ, in the provincial capital Zhengzhou.

All the four girls lived in low-rent communities with their migrant worker parents who struggled to make ends meet in Zhengzhou.


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