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Story of a bike repairman touched students


A common bike repairman has bacome a celebrity in Tsinghua University (THU) due to his hard and  inspriing life story.

From North China's Hebei province, the 29-year-old junior high graduate, who has been trying his luck in the capital since 1999, now manages a tiny bicycle repairing shop in THU.

After ten years "north drift" life, Ren Yuhua decided to share his story on social networking sites in the hope of inspiring students to appreciate their luck in life.

In the past ten years, he tried a number of jobs - working at construction sties, driving illegal taxis, collecting rubbish - but all led nowhere. The pressure to make ends meet in the capital was so huge that Ren attempted suicide many times.

Later diagnosed with schizophrenia, Ren was admitted to hospital. The healing life of the hospital helped calm him down, and he realized that success was attainable only when he came down to earth and worked diligently.

In hope of learing something from college students and teachers, he decided to open a tiny bicycle repair shop at the northern gate of Tsinghua University and took bicycle repair as his career  Many students were touched by his kind and enthusiasm and became his loyal customers.

Not only repairing bikes, Ren also prepared notebooks to record his reflections on bicycle maintenance. As time went by,  an idea of making a bicycle that never breaks down came to him. Now he makes it his dream and devotes himself to it. 

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