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Low wage becomes the biggest obstacle for finding a mate


A recent survey by the Chinese Research Society of Family Culture, an institute affiliated to the All-China Women's Federation showed that low wage has become the biggest barrier for young migrant workers to find a mate.

The survey that polled more than 2,500 migrant workers in 16 cities found that five main reasons caused the difficulty of finding a mate. Of which, the first is low wages. Other four reasons are long work hours, introvert nature, too busy and low education level.

When asked marriage ethics, 65.1% of respondents disapproved co-habitation before marriage and 74.1% thought sex outside of marriage was immoral.

The survey also indicated that migrant workers were more into workplace romance, as nearly one-third said they met their partners at work. The other two ways most of them found their mates was either by developing a friendship forged in childhood or youth into love and matchmaking via parents and relatives, the poll said.

It also showed that more than 40 percent of the married respondents were not able to live together with their spouses. The most common reason being that one of the spouses was usually left behind in the village to take care of the children.

The poll also found out that less than 43 percent of migrant workers' children lived with both parents. Nearly 40 percent was left behind in villages and under the care of their grandparents, while the rest lived with one parent, the survey said.

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